Balers vs Compactors

The waste management system your company chooses could be the difference between getting recycling right, and getting recycling wrong. Knowing the difference between a baler and a compactor will impact how each one will benefit your recycling system. While both a baler and a compactor reduce the volume of the materials through a compressing process, the key difference between the two machines is that they both process different materials.

Balers compress and bundle (or bale) recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, plastics, and metals. The baler compresses the recyclable material in to a bale,  then binds the bale to keep it together.

Eventually the bales  are taken away to a recycling company for resale and reuse.

In contrast, a compactor is used to reduce and compress large volumes of unsorted mixed  trash into a contained area then picked up and taken to the landfill.

By compressing the amount of waste you produce, waste collection is reduced.