M60MD Vertical Baler

Two-Stage Pump provides maximum compaction and rapid operating cycles with minimum horsepower
— Energy Efficient
Designed control valve eliminates jarring hydraulic shock which abbreviates the life of lesser machines
— Reliable 

The photoelectric eye is standard on the M60MD Vertical Baler. Gives a fail-safe operation of the ram/loading door

— Safe

Bale size cubes out perfectly in trucks and rail cars. You can load a 30,000-pound truckload
— Fast
Vertical balers take up much less space than their horizontal counterparts and tend to be a better choice for smaller spaces.


Ships upright for easy unloading and installation. Its measurements permit this baler to function beneath a standard 8 foot ceiling

— Easy

Product Specs​

  • Bale Size:   30″ x 60″ x up to 30″ High (762mm x 1520mm up to 762mm)
  • Bale Force:   57,805 lbs. (26,221 kg)
  • Estimated Bale Weight (Corrugated Cardboard):   700-800 lbs. (318-408 kg)
  • Motor 3PH. 3450 RPM 208/230/460V Energy Efficient:   5 HP
  • Cycle Time:   33 seconds
  • Pump:  Two Stage


  • Shipping Height:   81.5″ (2070mm)
  • Loading Door Opening:   24″ x 60″ (610mm x 1520mm)
  • Unloading Door Height:   39″ (990mm)
  • Operating Height:   95.75″ (2430mm)
  • Overall Depth:   37″ (940mm)
  • Depth with Door Open:   73″ (1855mm)
  • Overall Width:   78″ (1980mm)
  • Shipping Weight:   4,237 lbs. (1,922kg)
  • Shipping Height:   81.5″ (2070mm)
  • Required Operating Area:   39.5 sq. ft. (3.7 sq. meters)
Compax Automatic Response Systems M60MD Vertical Baler