Minimize down time and lengthen the life of your equipment

Allowing us to manage your equipment,  you will lower your total cost of ownership,
extend the life of your assets, and increase your Return On Your Investment.

Our team has the experience it takes to get the most out of your equipment and make
certain that it is operating efficiently and cost effective.

What happens when we service your….

  • Balers

Check and change fluid and filter, inspect and adjust safety switches,
inspect load door and latch for correct and safe operation.

Provide supplies: Baling wire – 100 pcs. / 14 ft., 14 ga. $161.00

  • Chutes / Chute doors

Inspect chute doors for correct operations; “self-closing and self-latching”.
We clean, adjust, lubricate and replace non-working components.

Chutes maintenance includes inspection of the chutes integrity and attachment.
Inspect offsets and extensions. Determine that the fire damper door is outfitted
with a fire rated fusible link. Damper door must be fully functional and track
without obstruction.

Provide supplies: Bio-enzymatic digester 1 qt. $19.95

  • Trash Compactor

Inspect and test operate the compactor.  Clean material buildup areas that impede
the proper machine operation. Inspect fluids for viscosity, add as required.  Inspect
and adjust all switches and sensors for proper operation.  Grease all fittings and slides
for easy tracking.  Make recommendations for scheduled maintenance or repairs, such as oil
and filter changes and steel panel replacement for rusted side or bottom panels.

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