Typical rebuild jobs can cost 50% less than replacement

Cylinder Rebuild – Leaking or bypassing hydraulic cylinders cannot develop sufficient fluid pressure to properly operate equipment.  In such cases, the cylinder(s) must normally be removed and replaced.  We can remove and professionally rebuild most hydraulic cylinders for less than 50% of the cost to replace with new.  Equipment down time is less than the wait for new replacement cylinders from the manufacturer.

Rebuilding Containers – Rusted steel floors and sides on trash bins and receiving containers are common.  Acid materials and fluids eat through the steel, and the rough treatment in their handling aids in the destruction of the steel sides and floor.  Re-lining such containers with new steel, and welding revives the life of a container for less than half its new cost.

Trash Chute Rebuilds – Replacing portions of damaged trash chutes is a cost effective means of extending the chute life without replacement.  Entire chute sections can be pre-fabricated for custom replacement, including fortifying offsets with heavy duty systems to absorb the shock of trash falling in the chute.  Any offset will bear the brunt of such trash thrown from high up the chute, leading to dented and damaged steel which eventually breaks and leaks.

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